Liverpool Yoga Review – 2. Bikram Yoga Liverpool

Monday 04 May 2015 – 10 a.m. – Bikram with Estelle Cartlidge at Bikram Yoga

– The Focus Building Great Crosshall St – Liverpool L3 2AP – (0151 236 1375) –

Today; Bank holiday Monday, I braved the bank holiday public transport and actually arrived on time at Bikram Yoga in Great Crosshall Street. From Lime Street it is just a short walk past Central Library and the Museum and over the road. I’d checked it on Google Street and found it no problem so I was feeling pretty proud of myself before I had even got through the front door!

photo 2

This is the most spacious yoga centre I have ever been to. In the reception area everything is clear and straightforward. The reception desk runs the entire length of the entrance and it gives the sense of a really nice leisure centre. The changing rooms have the same vibe with showers and lockers and everywhere is exceptionally clean and organized. Estelle Cartlidge was my instructor for the class and she made a point of introducing herself and we chatted about the class before the start. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable which was reassuring as the size of the place had begun to make me feel as though I might have bitten off a bit more than I could chew! Despite the chat, when I entered the studio I definitely was pretty convinced I had bitten off more than I could chew!

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The large and stylish yoga centre offers a unique experience on Merseyside. The spacious studio can accommodate up to 120 people but in order to ensure that all clients achieve their maximum stretch each class hosts a maximum of 80 students. Today there were about twenty of us and at least a quarter of the class were men which was refreshing to see. It was my first Bikram experience and under the dynamic instruction of Estelle I was able to really focus on building both strength and flexibility.

A Bikram Yoga class consists of 26 hatha yoga postures and two breathing excercise’s in a heated room, scientifically designed by Bikram himself to work every part of the body in the correct order. Poses work synergistically so each posture prepares for the next, allowing you to receive the optimum benefits.The class runs for ninety minutes and rather than feeling exhausted at the end I felt totally energized and after a quick shower was ready to start my journey back home.

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Then something really lovely happened when one of the other students from the class started chatting to me in the changing room, she told me all about the other classes that run in the sister studio Shakti and introduced me to the offers and timetables for both studios. It’s inspiring to meet other yogis that are just super friendly and really living the practice. When I said goodbye to Estelle and the other students I noticed the ‘A’ board at the door … it said ”Push Yourself because Nobody else will do it for You”… I had pushed myself, it was a tough ninety minutes, but the pride I’d felt as I stepped through the front door was nothing compared to how I felt by the time the session was over … what a buzz!


I booked and paid for my class online with this link which is available on the

Bikram Yoga website

Liverpool Yoga Review – 1. Yoga Hub

Sunday 03 May 2015 – 10 a.m. – Hot Yoga with Tina Adamson at Yoga Hub

– 21 Old Hall Street – 1st Floor – Liverpool –  L3 9BS –  Tel: (0151) 227 2922 –

Today I went along to the signature class at Yoga Hub, Hot Yoga. The class began at 10 a.m. and I arrived fifteen minutes before the start. I took a train and then a taxi from Lime Street in order to get there on time!


The taxi driver at Lime Street hadn’t really heard of any Yoga but he found the studio without too much of problem. He talked to me for the ten minutes it took to get there and he told me that this wasn’t his taxi as he’d had a smash in his two weeks ago. I don’t usually like to get into conversation before a class, I like to get into a meditative space before hand so that I can really focus and enjoy the yoga but I couldn’t not chat to him as it seemed he wanted to! As I asked him more about his job he came back to the smash and then I realized he hadn’t had a crash and he began to tell me the story of what had happened to him.

He said he used to work nights and had been in a taxi stand outside a bar in town. He said five lads had asked him how much it would cost to drop them all off at different places including Southport and other areas along the way. He gave them the price but said as it was 4:30 a.m. and they were his last customers he would do it at a cheaper rate. The customers became aggressive and that was when the smash he had told me about happened.

They had smashed every window of the taxi and kicked in the side of the cab. The driver had been sitting in it the entire time. He has worked on the taxis for ten years, he’s in his fifties. He said that the other cabbies in the rank could see what was happening and he was so sincere and confused when he told me that not one of them had tried to help him.

As we arrived at Yoga Hub he said it had made him feel as though he wouldn’t want to help anyone else in that position. Until then I hadn’t added much to the conversation apart from disbelief and shock at what had happened. I just felt so much empathy with this man that I’d only encountered for ten minutes.

We had a pretty compassionate exchange where I told him I could tell he wasn’t really that type of guy and to not let that experience change and effect the way he truly is. He agreed he didn’t want it to change him and said that it made him feel like that at times but in reality he would like to think that regardless of that terrible experience he would still help someone who was in trouble.

With that I wished him good luck and we went our separate ways. Strangely it didn’t make me feel as though I wasn’t in a good space to go to Yoga in fact I felt really blissed out! Hopefully he felt better too!

I immediately saw the sign for the Yoga Hub and the A board outside so there was no confusion as to where I was going and I followed a couple of other yogis up the stairs following the scent of incense. After a little climb we arrived at a really beautiful reception area.


The receptionist and instructor Tina Adamson welcomed us and it felt friendly and professional. The changing rooms were spacious and clean and included a shower area, and the studio was perfect. Dimly lit with candles to begin and end the class and chilled out Tibetan tunes throughout. We were told it would be a Vinyasa flow class but we also did a great warm up which is often omitted at classes and I liked the little trick of coming back into seated pose! I love it when instructors bring their own personal style to the class.


This Sunday morning of the Bank holiday weekend had brought about twenty students to the class and when Tina began teaching I understood why. She has a lovely style and although I was sweating profusely, I didn’t want the class to end!

If you love an all-over deep stretch and a great sweat, then you will love Hot Yoga. It’s taught in studio where overhead infrared heating panels create an intense sauna like condition. The heat dramatically improves flexibility which moved me deeper into the postures. It also delivers a thorough cardiovascular workout and is great for detoxing.


I booked and paid for my class online with this link which is available on the Yoga Hub website.

The Perils of Practicing too many yoga’s

Mindful Yoga Liverpool:

Mi Amiga are so right ! Keeping it Mindful !

Originally posted on my way:

From my very first yoga class I was originally drawn to and then later studied a Mindful Hatha Yoga practice.   However simply because I now teach and practice Mindful Hatha Yoga does not mean I am in any way limited in my exposure to an increasing variety of yoga styles currently available.  In fact more than ever as a London based yoga instructor am I surrounded by a vast and growing variety of industry professionals who engage in other yoga styles.

Together my fellow yogi’s and I often enjoy avid conversations about our yoga practice, experiences, current struggles and general life stuffs. And at times I must admit that my curiosity becomes easily ignited as I hear exciting stories of their own unfolding yoga practice.  As such, I recently decided to take a more involved approach to understanding other yoga styles and over the course of the past two months attended…

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Improving and Promoting Health, Equality, Unity & Wellbeing

ecoliverpool cic is a non-profit community interest company.

We are a team of professionals dedicated to making a difference in the health and well being of our society.

We want to use our energy, experience and positivity in partnership with people, creating a widely supported community.

We are celebrating diversity and difference.

ecoliverpool cic would like to create partnerships with local community service organizations in Merseyside.

The project Free Mindful is a programme which offers one session of one hour, of the body centered physical wellness practice of mindful yoga and mindful based stress reduction that assists in effective living.

Sessions are open to clients and employees.

Our aim is that those who receive the free complimentary session are in turn, able to return the gift of their wellness back to the community in the form of service they provide.

We offer the opportunity to put anxieties and clutter of the mind to one side and the tools to put you in control of your thoughts, instead of your thoughts controlling you! In one session you can experience a quieter mind and a new, more confident, authentic voice.

All that is required is that you attend with an open heart, a willingness to move your body, a desire to connect in the community and the courage to have a little fun!

Find out more ecoliverpool cic.

Yoga for Absolute Beginners : 10 week programme starting January 2015 : Bédar

Yoga for Absolute Beginners : 10 week programme starting January 2015 : Bédar
Recuperate after Christmas ! Contact for more information.
Would you like to learn a daily routine to: reduce stress, improve posture and manage mood
learning simple poses, breathing your way to a healthy you, increasing your energy and improving your sleep. I’ve heard from several people that they want to start practicing yoga but don’t know where to begin. It’s no secret the benefits of yoga include a healthy body, calm mind, reduced stress, feeling of connectivity with self and the world, increased awareness and sensitivity, and an overall feeling of wellness.
I often hear people say how they would like to try yoga, but they are too intimidated to walk into a class. I completely understand that as it can be intimidating for someone who can barely touch their toes to be next to someone who can effortlessly twist themselves into a pretzel. If this newcomer only realized that the person next to them was in their exact same state just a few months before, maybe it would help them to overcome their angst and feelings of inadequacy, but more often than not, it just sends them bolting for the door.
I have seen people walk out of yoga classes I’ve been in, never to come back because they feel they just can’t do the physical poses (asanas). I always feel like jumping off my mat and running after them imploring them to give it another shot. I feel compelled to share the benefits of yoga with everyone I come across since it has had such a profound effect on my life.
Being a beginner is never easy, everyone comes to the mat with a different body. You may have very tight hamstrings, but a great deal of upper body strength. You may not be able to touch your toes yet, but find peace and ease in a balance pose. Even after years of practice, there are some poses my body just cannot do and I’ve learned to accept that. I don’t look at envy at the person next to me whose hamstrings seem to be made of rubber bands…I just get into my forward bend to the best of my ability, focus on my breath and turn my attention inward.
As a beginner, take things slowly and do not do anything that causes you pain. Flexibility and strength will develop naturally as you continue to practice. So start wherever you are, begin gently, and don’t look around the room and compare yourselves to others. There are poses I thought I would never in my lifetime be able to do and then one day on the mat, I would surprise myself by just slipping effortlessly into the pose. It comes with practice, just as everything else in life does. There are no secret potions or tricks. Just practice. Above all, remind yourself that yoga is not a competitive sport. The very best advice I can give to anyone looking to start a practice is to stop putting it off and just do it. Exercise and a healthy diet is the road to health. A yoga practice cultivates awareness, confidence, and creates a healthy body and mind. Yoga can get to the roots of issues that cause behaviors leading to obesity, heart disease, and stress. Yoga practice is therapeutic for the body and mind, reminds us of our goodness, energizes our creativity, and inspires. If you know someone who needs some help in health pass them this article Yoga for Absolute Beginners