Liverpool Yoga Review 11. Yoga Nation Liverpool

Saturday 30th June – Hot Ashtanga Yoga with Debbie McCormick at Yoga Nation

 – 75-79  – County Road – Liverpool  – L4 3QD – (0151 345 4676)


I landed back in Liverpool two days before booking at Yoga Nation. I’m living in the semi desert of Andalucia and my sister is a principal dancer with a U.K Ballet company – on tour most of the time … I wasn’t sure whether to include her in the adventure but as we very rarely ( like once every 2-5 years ) get to spend any time together, I thought … go for it! Truthfully though, I was more than a little bit dubious about the imminent culture shock involved of trekking off to County Road. Any anxiety I had immediately vanished when we reached Yoga Nation. It’s a beautifully furnished studio with lots of extra nice touches that made us feel comfortable and relaxed. However if we’d have known anything about Ashtanga then we’d have known that we really shouldn’t have got quite so relaxed!

Ashtanga is based on ancient yoga teachings, but it was popularized and brought to the West by Pattabhi Jois in the 1970s. It’s a rigorous style of yoga that follows a specific sequence of postures and is similar to vinyasa yoga, as each style links every movement to a breath. The difference to other styles of yoga is that Ashtanga always performs the exact same poses in the exact same order. This is a hot, sweaty, physically demanding practice… and that’s the definition before putting the practice in a hot yoga room !

So my sister and I went fearlessly down to County Road on Saturday morning. We had booked and paid online and were welcomed into Yoga Nation by a friendly and professional receptionist. I didn’t catch her name but she made us feel extremely welcome and showed us around the studio, which included a chill out room where juices and smoothies were available. Then we were offered a freshly made wheat grass shot on the house!


A common difference between Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga in terms of class structure is flow, and Debbie’s fabulous instruction and motivational attitude had us moving from posture to posture without stopping. There is no transition between postures in Ashtanaga classes and  although my limbs were trembling towards the end, I was grateful to my body and grateful to Debbie for what had been my first ever Ashtanga class!

I booked my class on the Yoga Nation website but you can also book with the link below


Liverpool Yoga Review – 10. Happiness Hot Yoga

Tuesday 19 May 2015 – 7:30 p.m. – Absolute Hot Yoga with Ryan Tierney at Happiness Hot Yoga 

– 2A Church Road – Penny Lane – Liverpool – L15 9EG – (0151 735 1116) 

photo 1 (5)

I know that I arrived at the Hot Yoga Absolute 60 minute class at Happiness Hot Yoga last night at 7:30. I know that Ryan Tierney was the instructor. These things I know because I have evidence of the booking I made online. But exactly what went on in that class –  I can’t recall in great detail.

happiness reception

Absolute Hot Yoga is a high-energy, uplifting series of classic Hatha yoga poses in a specific sequence that promotes balance, strength, flexibility, and overall wellness. The heat allows you to stretch deeply, cleanse the body and calm the mind. The body is detoxified and strengthened and your overall health and focus will be improved. The classic yoga postures coupled with hot temperature means that you will sweat a lot and burn more calories. What to expect – A really strong flow class to contemporary music which will also help you connect with your inner Yogi.


I have a recollection of the reception and changing rooms, which were spacious and bright leading to the studio which was dimly lit and held about thirty of us. Ryan began the class and did something which I haven’t experienced in any of the classes that I have been to so far… He said that he would be making adjustments throughout the session and if anyone would prefer that he didn’t… they could raise their hand now. I immediately started to reminisce about my yoga teacher training because this is what we had also been taught to do. I immediately trusted Ryan, he had a great teaching style … but I’m not a hot yoga teacher and it was the hottest I’ve ever experienced in the Happiness studio. Also I was standing directly under a panel, which I discovered, is not a good idea unless you want to sweat from the top of your head with the effect as that of, like you are standing underneath a shower… this I proceeded to do …for the entire 60 minutes. Needless to say Ryan did not make any adjustments to me, and I could hardly blame him as I didn’t want to touch me either, considering the outrageously sweaty mess I had so swiftly become!

happpiness studio

The rest is a blur really! The next thing I was truly aware of was when we came down to the mat in Savasana and I heard Ryan saying allow yourself to surrender. I managed to maintain my sense of humor and almost laughed as I remember thinking that at that moment there was really nothing else that my body was capable of other than to surrender. I enjoyed the class in a jubilant ‘give thanks and praise … I got through that’ type of way! As we all left Happiness I felt pretty happy but I also had a revelation that hadn’t become apparent before… with my distorted sense of achievement I realized that over the last two weeks I must have been the oldest hot yogi in Liverpool … I wonder if I carried on could I be the hottest old yogi … who knows … at least I didn’t turn out to be the oldest raver in town … and that was on the cards for a bit!

I booked my class on the Happiness Hot Yoga website but you can also book with the link below

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Liverpool Yoga Review – 9. White Wolf Yoga

Monday 18 May 2015 – 6:30 p.m. – Multi level Yoga with Louise at White Wolf Yoga

– Camp and Furnace – 67 Greenland Street – L1 0BY – (07769 357 870)


White Wolf is a Native American symbol of power, love and unity. Yesterday evening I went to the Baltic Triangle to attend the White Wolf Yoga class at Camp and Furnace. Last time I went into one of Tom Bloxham’s places was when I was renting my shop, one of  the units in Liverpool Palace. Arriving at Camp and Furnace I saw that the warehouse theme had prevailed into the next generation. I had an idea that it was going to be a big open space, so I’d carried my yoga mat and blanket through China Town in the hail and rain. When I walked into the bar I was directed by the bar staff to the stairs and when I reached the studio in contrast to the feel of the place, it was strikingly warm and comfortable.

photo 2 (3)

There were about thirty yoga mats already placed on the ground with blankets and blocks. The area was surrounded by led lights and the room was heated with overhead lamps. Even though it was a big urban space, it felt cozy and inviting. Louise introduced herself to me and made me ‘feel at home’. There was an even mix of male and female students and a lot of them seemed to know each other and chatted on their mats before the start of the class.

White Wolf Yoga   WhiteWolfYoga    Twitter

Louise began the class with some breathing and easy movement, although we quite quickly began on some sequences that I found myself stumbling over. Throughout the class there was music playing including tunes like Lana del Ray. I thought to myself that I would never be able to focus properly with the music and decided that was why I was stumbling… and then I thought maybe its because I’ve decided I’m going to stumble and be unfocused with the music playing… so I decided that the music was going to help me focus… and I stopped stumbling! Then by the time we got to the sun salutations and warrior sequence I was undoubtedly back on track and really enjoying the class.

White Wolf Yoga on Twitter   TONIGHT    7PM    FLOW HATHA YOGA    ALL WELCOME     CampandFurnace http tzRj4lT7RU

When we came to sit on our mats again for the final sequence Louise brought us to Butterfly and I fell into quite a meditative state. When we lay on our mats in corpse pose, for the yoga nidra she used a guided visualization, a gorgeous meditative visualization which described a meadow and surrounding woods. Then the chimes sounded three times to bring us back to sitting on our mats. This had been a great class!

photo 1 (4)

I felt genuinely peaceful as I left White Wolf and walked back through China Town and along Berry Street and automatically called into the BobBon Chinese Bakery and bought a Cha Sui Samosa. It’s strange because I’m generally a vegetarian, although this has happened to me before, after certain classes. There was one class where I called into a pub, still carrying yoga mat and drank half a Guiness and black and another where I went to a chippy and bought a kids fish and chips and ate it on the way home! I haven’t mentioned these occurrences before because I didn’t realize it was a thing. Now I see it’s a thing … I’m not sure I should have mentioned it !

I contacted Louise on Facebook to book my class but you can also book with the link below which is available on the White Wolf  webpage or by contacting Louise directly: